The designs exhibited here are a result of a novel process in the field of contemporary typeface design, with each typeface being developed in the context of real-life graphic design projects. Each design is the result of a close collaboration between a typeface designer and a graphic designer working together in one of the associated studios to the foundry, Marge and Travers studios.

As such, each design only enters the catalogue after a long process of development and refinement to which the graphic users have contributed in an active manner, with their functional, semantic, aesthetic, and technical demands.
This collaborative conception process, marked by a constant dialogue between typography and its users, guarantees the user value of our fonts and is the trademark of LongType: tested tools that really work!

A subscription foundry

LongType foundry wishes to establish an unprecedented relationship with its users. Knowing how difficult it is to be confident in a typographic tool without having previously used it in the context of a real project, LongType offers different kinds of subscriptions allowing a given number of credits. Credits allow users to download and use Test Fonts, without having to purchase a license. If the Test Font feels adapted to the the project, it is then simple for the user to purchase the font to a subscription rate which includes substential disocunts.
Subscritions are yearly, starting from the day of the first payement and offers special promotions.

Custom typefaces

Long Type Foundry works with various entities to advise, design, create and develop custom typographic solutions. Long Team Type addresses typography in a customized and open approach to fit the needs of its clients to the closest. It can complement or customize characters from its catalog (Bayard, Omnivore, Les Trois Baudets) or design exclusive, bespoke typefaces (France Foundation, ECAM, etc.). For more information, contact info@long-type.com

The team

Long Type Foundry consists of four associated typographic and graphic designers:
Malou Verlomme: type designer trained at the École Duperré and Reading University, he began his career by collaborating with Hoefler & Frere with-Jones, Fontsmith, etc. Since, he's been developing his own typefaces, many of which were rewarded. His character "Camille" is part of the collections of the National Arts Centre Plastics (CNAP). He collaborates with Atelier Marge Design since 2009, teaches typeface design and co-founded Long Type Foundry in 2012.
Mathieu Chevara: typographer, graphic designer and publisher trained at the École Estienne, he founded in 2005 Atelier Merge Design (Named Atelier Chevara from 2005 to 2012), co-co-founded in 2012 the studio Travers Media, LongType foundry and Contrepoint publishing house. He regularly teaches in design schools.
Mathieu Reguer: type designer trained at the École Duperré, École Estienne and Reading University, Mathieu Reguer collaborates with many typographers and type foundries in France and Abroad.
Thomas L’Excellent, typographer, graphic designer and developer trained at the École des Arts décoratifs de Paris, is associated with the Media Studio Travers, foundry Long Type and ensures art direction for the atelier Marge Design.


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